Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Shooter's Library - A Start

_ "The Gun and Its Development" by W. W. Greener
_ "Successful Handgun Hunting" by Phil Johnston
_ "Action Shooting, Cowboy Style" by John Taffin
_ "Pet Loads" by Ken Waters
_ "Sixguns" by Elmer Keith
_ "Hell, I Was There!" by Elmer Keith
_ "Gun Notes Vol 1" by Elmer Keith
_ "Gun Notes Vol 2" by Elmer Keith
_ "No Second Place Winner" by Bill Jordan
_ "Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting" by Ed McGivern
_ "The Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson" by Jim Supica
_ "Book of the 44" by John Taffin
_ "Big Bore Handguns" by John Taffin
_ "Big Bore Sixguns" by John Taffin
_ "Single Action Sixguns" by John Taffin
_ "Handgun Hunting and Hunting Handguns" by Gary Reeder
_ "Hunting for Handgunners" by Kelly and J. D. Jones
_ "The Custom Revolver" by Hamilton Bowen
_ "The Rifle in America" by Captain Philip Burdette Sharpe
_ "Hatcher's Notebook" by MG Julian S. Hatcher
_ "Handgun Hunting" by George Nonte and Lee Jurras
_ "Colt Firearms" by James E. Serven
_ "A Study of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver" by John A., & Ron Graham and C. Kenneth Moore Kopec
_ "History of the Colt Revolver" by Charles T. Haven and Frank A. Belden
_ "Colt's Single Action Army Revolver" by "Doc" O'Meara
_ "The Story of Colt's Revolver" by William B. Edwards
_ "Winchester's 30-30: Model 94, the Rifle America Loves" by Sam Fadala
_ "Ruger and His Guns" by R. L. Wilson
_ "Trapdoor Springfield: The United States Springfield Single-Shot Rifle" by M. D. "Bud" Waite and B. D. Ernst

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