Sunday, August 22, 2010

A small place to live...

I have been thinking about downsizing. What do we really need?
- a public area, aka living room and dining area
- a kitchen
- a bathroom (likely TWO (2))!
- a laundry area
- sleeping area(s) (again, likely TWO (2))
- an office/gun room
- heat/cooling
- outside space for dog, garden, vehicles, maybe small shop
- lap pool like the Endless Pool

So what would it take to make this?  What sort of building would be most comfortable (stone, frame, log)? Basement? Multiple stories? Super insulated?

I've liked the for quite a while.  The idea of the self-supporting roof design and "round" house both appeal.   It is something like a yurt but more permanent. 

- "Katrina" homes plans
- Deltec Homes
- Monolithic Dome

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Zane D. Clark said...

So it looks like you are talking about getting property and building or building on property that you already have.

And I like the thought process on the amount of space that you need for housing. That being the case, the rest will come to you.