Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

The last few work days have been slow. The boss got in a bunch of neat guns but half of them were out the door before I got the word.

The neatest gun of the day was a Smith and Wesson Victory model. Unfortunately it was one of the .38 S&Ws that had been rechambered to .38 Special and at some time had had the barrel cut to about 2" and the front sight remounted. Professionally done lots of finish wear. Boss man wouldn't buy it. I don't need another .38 of ANY kind.

Lewis, our gunsmith, is on vacation so I got to mount a couple of scopes and fix a couple of things. In doing this I discovered that the Uncle Mike's hammer extensions for the Marlin 336s (the early ones) don't necessarily fit the early hammers.

All in all a pretty slow time of it lately. Squirrel and dove are in season but people aren't getting wound up for deer season yet.

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