Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Notes from the gun shop...

Late to post because I had to run up to Alexandria to carry Aunt Deanna's furniture to her new condo.  Anyway, we were pretty busy from the get go at the shop because #1 it is hunting season and #2 they just had the Ruffed Grouse Society Dinner.  Had a lot of people come in to pick up the guns they won.

Have to brag on Chris a bit.  One of our customers and fellow members at Stonewall, Roger M_______ lost his 13-year old Brittany this past February.  That's pretty tough.  The RGS was auctioning off a Brittany pup again this year.  Chris bought it and GAVE her to Roger.   I do believe Roger is in love.  Katie Ann is her name.

There is more ammo available.  Prices aren't coming down right now though.  We also got some powder in sometime last week.  This time I didn't leave the 8-lb jug of IMR 4895 for a customer, I bought it.  I use it in the .35 Remington and M1 rifle .30-06 ammo.  Cost about $20 more than the jug we had back at the beginning of the year.

Those are the highlights from this past week.  Not exciting to read about but it was fun to be there.

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