Monday, September 30, 2013

Notes from the gun shop...

We had a lot of people through the gun shop today. I think that the smell of fall is in the air and people have started moving forward with hunting season. Ammo might be a problem though. We have the last 6 boxes of .30-30 in Staunton, there is no .22 WRFM, we haven't had a new box of CoreLokt anything come in in months, and .22 LR continues to be in short supply. Sadly, even pricing standard velocity RN at $7.99 now meets with a happy grin at the "good price". $.16 a round .22 LR is apparently the new normal. We do have VARGET and W748 powder. Nobody mentioned the UN arms treaty today, political conversation being dominated by the "fools of both parties" "dragging this country down".

Chris has a REALLY nice S&W Model 19 4" with box, papers and tools. It might not have been fired outside of the factory. He also has a nice Model 98 Krag.

We had a problem reassembling a rear sight for an M1 Rifle (Garand). I took mine apart this evening and put it back together without a problem but we can't get this one to work. Every time we put it together the windage knob will change the elevation and both knobs will turn together regardless of which one is being operated. I think it is because the trunion is bent and bearing against the windage knob.

This week I'll be spending tomorrow at the shop as well. Wayne F_________'s mother is in the hospital and he's with her so won't be at work.

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