Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lots happened yesterday.

First thing we sent a friend some money for roof repair. Not much now as I don't have much having spent it on some of what follows. We also donated to the Red Cross for disaster relief. I hope that anyone reading this will donate something to help those affected by hurricane Katrina.

My Hogue wooden grips came in from Hogue Auctions. Goncalo Alves, they are pretty blonde and go ok with the M629. I'll post a pic later with a target as soon as I can get to the range. However, these grips also feel pretty good. They were EXTREMELY easy to install. Following the directions it took all of 2 minutes to remove the Pachmayrs and install these and that includes the time to read the instructions. Just doesn't get any better than that. These grips feel rock solid. So far anyway as they've not had a single round fired.

THEN, I had to go to my mom's place to do some chores for her and carried the EMF 92 and some loads with the 250 gr. XTP-HP over 9 gr. of Unique. The gun took it's first groundhog! Range was about 85 yards, I held on his neck and the bullet went right through the upper chest.

I was also able to get my Federal Migratory Bird Stamp, needed to legally hunt waterfowl, but I had to go to another post office. Now, if I can just get locate some geese where I can hunt.

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