Saturday, February 14, 2009

British Gear Has a New Site

Owners of British military firearms often find themselves lured into the, for Americans, relatively esoteric world of British military equipment. Knowing what is and isn't a correct acouterment to accompany your British rifle, pistol or revolver can be important to you. We were pleased to discover today that there is a web presence that can help you sort through such puzzles.

The Karkee Web has or will have the information you seek.

● The Development of the Mills Woven Cartridge Belt 1877 - 1956
● Bandolier Equipment, Pattern 1903
● Web Equipment, Pattern 1908
● Web Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1913
● Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914
● Infantry Equipment, Australian Pattern (Leather)
● Web Equipment, Naval, Pattern 1919
● Web Equipment, Pattern 1925
● Web Equipment, Cavalry, Pattern 1940
● Contributors to Karkee Web
● Links
● Bibliography & Reference Material
● Site Development Notes

Now, go forth and satisfy your curiosity!

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