Sunday, June 07, 2009

Favorite Authors - Skeeter Skelton

I don't remember the first Skeeter Skelton article I ever read but I remember where I got the magazine in which I read it. We were staying at Pure Village Inn on U.S. 11 just south of Harrisonburg, VA in 1964. They had Shooting Times and Guns magazines in their magazine racks. I wish I'd found them years before and I would look for any excuse to get Mom or Dad to stop there every month. Alongside George Nonte Skeeter's articles were among the first read and re-read.

I won't attempt to re-write his biography. Suffice it to say that he was hero material having been a US Marine, Border Patrol officer and Sheriff. He wrote about gun stuff that interested me. Fact OR fiction it was a good read and really reeled you in. His stories of the southwest U.S. made me think about moving there, someday. Well, I haven't moved there but I have had an abiding interest in the history of the area since.

Skeeter's published books include Good Friends, Good Guns, Good Whiskey: Selected Works of Skeeter Skelton, Skeeter: Hoglegs, Hipshots and Jalapenos : Selected Works of Skeeter Skelton, Vol. II, Shooting Times Skeeter Skelton on Handguns, and Skeeter Skelton's handgun tales. Better be on alert though, the out of print books are going for a pretty penny, as they should. If you see one, you should pick it up.

Skeeter Skelton left this world Sunday, January 17, 1988, at Sun Towers Hospital in El Paso, Texas. We are fortunate that he left his son, Bart, here to take up the pen but he is missed.

Check out these links for some of Skeeter's work. It is worth every minute of your time...
- handgun articles
- What's the Best Trail Gun for You?
- Skeeter's sixguns - The Sixgunner by John Taffin

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Anonymous said...

I really miss Skeeter too. I also loved his articles and the funny stuff he talked about. I learned as a cop that you must have a sense of humor as a cop or you will loose control. Skeeter, Bill Jordan, and Elmer Keith are my favorites. Tom Threepersons, as the others is also a legend. May we all always love, respect, and miss Skeeter.