Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ignorance is Rampant

Ok, so people are apparently ignorant about economics, you know that. People are also amazingly ignorant about wildlife. You'd think other"Wild Kingdom for ages before that, people simply don't know the difference between cats and dogs and other, ummm, shall we say "unrelated" life forms.

To the left you see a prime example of wildlife ignorance. For those who have yet to see a problem, let me point out that the animal depicted on the flyer is NOT a cat but an OPOSSUM! To my mind, having grown up with cats being in houses I visited, depicted in commercials on TV or in books, etc, an opossum should set off alarm bells! I mean, at best, even if mistaken for a cat, it has to be one SICK cat with a bare tail and relatively thin fur. Add to this the attitude an opossum takes when handled and you should know that something is terribly wrong and this might not be a cat.

But mistaken identity isn't limited to cats. "Dog owners 'fleeced' in poodle scam" was the headline when "thousands" of rather poorly educated Japanese were shorn of their hard earned money by somebody selling sheep as poodles. Well, I suppose the resemblence is a bit more than passing but you'd think that they would know. I suppose that there must not be many sheep in Japan (or poodles) for this scam to have gone so far. But "thousands" of sheep so sold? I mean, Japan is supposed to be a literate nation.

Then, there was this recent add on Craig's List.
These 2 kittens followed my daughter home from school.Will be available for adoption after they recieve shots from our vet.One boy,one girl.Adoption fee will include the vet care with legal paperwork provided.No one under 18 need reply.I will bring them to your home to do a home check and to make sure they are going to a home and you fully understand their care,and the proper nutrition involved.As of now they are still being bottle fed,with baby food and rice.They love banannas and sardines for treats.They dont seem to play with catnip toys and havent grasped concept of litter box yet.Our dog helps with them and they ride her back,,she cleans them also,so they are use to dogs.Our cats dont seem to be interested in them? They are very smart and seem to say a word like maaaummm when they see me coming..Indoor home only because they will stray and could be hurt by a dog since they are not afraid of them,or hit by a car.Cute masks and ringed tails,very exotic looking.Male will be big i think.My daughter puts them in baby buggy and tools them around and baby bottle feeds them.They like baths and come with a pr of swimming trunks each.

email me and and phone call from there

Ok, so this last HAS to be somebody's idea of a joke, right? I mean, come on, they can't be serious, can they? If you don't get it just click on either pic to find out what they REALLY are.

Yes, there's more. Fox Squirrel Mistaken for Monkey is but one. I'll keep my eyes open for links to others. Please don't kill yourself laughing.

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