Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Delt-Ton Order Problems and More

Nothing goes smoothly when you REALLY want it to. I ordered from Del-Ton on 23 Dec 2008 and received the order on 6 July 2009. That's 195 days. The vise block was missing as was a front sling swivel on the upper. Also missing were the bolt release plunger, a takedown/pivot pin spring & detent, and a safety detent. There was an extra bolt release spring. Using what I have I have done as much assembly as possible to ensure that as few parts as possible are hanging around loose.

I had thought, I mean that it seemed "obvious" that if you are selling parts kits and having somebody package them you set that packager down with bins of parts, in order, along with the bag sealing unit. You put a big number, say "2" for 2 takedown/pivot pin detents, over the bin. It is like collating. I doubt they do enough quantity to justify an automated bagging system. If they are using one, it isn't working.

However, I e-mailed them and Pam was aptly apologetic. I've ordered the missing parts from elsewhere to ensure that I can finish the assembly.

As I said, I've done as much assembly as possible. Obviously, the bolt release, safety and pistol grip haven't been installed. I took the one takedown/pivot pin spring & detent and used them on the rear takedown pin so that I could install the buttstock, buffer and buffer spring. It seems that it will be a tighter assembly than any M-16 I had in service and tighter than my old Colt SP-1 carbine. I will be using an Accu-Wedge to take any remaining "rattle" from the system.

One thing I wanted, which is why I used the "A3" upper, is back-up sights for a simple optical sight. My old SP-1 carbine had the Colt 3X scope which attached to the carry handle by means of a screw and the "drain" hole in the handle's sight "gutter". The folding front and rear sights received would seem, at this point, to be entirely adequate. Mounting the rear sight on the rear of the rail doesn't leave much room for optics mounting. My choice of sight, a Weaver 1-3X with duplex reticule, requires that the two Warne QD rings be mounted between the adjustment turrets and the ocular lens. So mounted this gives just barely enough room to fit all the sights on top. We're talking only a millimeter of clearance between the ocular lens and the forward edge of the flip-up rear sight. Even that has proven to be too low. I'm going to have to get a set of higher rings to mount the scope. VERY glad I got the back-up iron sights!

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