Wednesday, July 15, 2009

USMC Lioness Program

Breda posted about the USMC Lioness Progam the other day. I thought it a fair read.

All the services have women serving. Same as the men, some are just simply outstanding by any measure while most do a darn good job and a few leave you wondering how they manage to walk through the day. But, the subject was the USMC Lioness program (even though there are Army Lionesses as well). It is unfortunate that some, like CPL Jennifer M. Parcell, die. This serves to emphasize the point that these Marines (please, don't use the term "troop" or "soldier" to refer to Marines, sailors or airmen) aren't doing this without risk. Frankly, though, I'm surprised they aren't priority targets for the jihadists. These armed, unfettered women are the antitheses of all things a fundamentalist Islamist believes. Without family members, armed, driving, uncovered, they even lead men. It is beyond me why NOW isn't trumpeting their achievements.

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- 8th Communication: Lioness Program and Tactical Small Unit Leadership Course

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