Thursday, December 31, 2009

Frustrations, irritations and disappointments...

It is almost midnight and the end of 2009. It has been a bit of a frustrating year for me. It seems that even though I'm retired there are a number of things competing for my time. The lack of time and the other higher priority requirements have taken me out of the hunting field just when I wanted to get back in a big way. I haven't been able to do very many of the things I've really wanted to do but I have made some substitutions. I've done some things which I enjoyed but wouldn't have done without prodding.

I was asked what I had accomplished this year and I came up with a list:
- Nana and I took widowed friend to see Lancaster, PA
- Nana and I went for weekend to Northern Neck and Nana unexpectedly went swimming which meant she got a new cell phone
- hung out with the grand kids but not nearly enough (it is never enough, yet)
- took care of Mom and did Mom's business
- found a home for each of Mom's seven cats ( consider this a real accomplishment that took 8 months)
- Nana and I went to Phoenix for model railroaders convention and rode some more railroads
- Nana and I went to Gatlinburg with most of Nana's siblings for Thanksgiving weekend
- got some nice guns and built a new ammo shelf which is already full
- Nana met JimT (while I took care of Mom at the emergency room)
- started project of digitizing all family photos
- I did get to meet a couple of forum members

Still, it was a frustrating year. It is a difficult thing to fight frustration. Frustration makes us rush through things, often when rushing is what we must most certainly avoid. Frustration can cause us to lash out, when ill spoken words are least desirable. I have tried to avoid that and hope I've been successful.

I hope that this next year, 2010, will be one in which I get to do some hunting and recreational shooting at a level that satisfies me.

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