Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Notes from the gun shop...

I thought I might post some of the neat (at least to me things) that come into our shop that might also interest those of you on this board. While I work there I make nothing on the sale.

2 ea S&W M49s, nickel. One has some aftermarket stocks. Both have boxes but they are the wrong boxes. I didn't see any flaking.

Remington 722 in .257 Roberts. It has been restocked with a Bishop or Fajen monte-carlo. Has Weaver two-piece base. No rear sight but the front sight is still there.

1948 (F serial prefix) Marlin 336 with Williams FP. Has had era correct sling swivels installed. .30-30. I did look at the bore on this one and it is good.

Contact Chris at Nuckols Gun Works, 540-886-3061

It seems to me that primers and some powders are more available than they have been. We're getting some supplies. However, producers have to get around to producing some high demand items and that might take some time. Different manufacturers have different scheduling on certain products and you might have to accept a different brand if you must have, say, .380 ACP ammo now. .25 Auto and .380 ACP seems to be hardest to get in our area. However, hunting rifle ammunition is pretty much unavailable to us as it has already been spoken for.

Pressure has really eased on the so-called black rifles. S&W seems to have product out there (but they are having some problems of their own). SIG and Ruger both had promotions. You can still get in on the Ruger/Carhartt promotion.

Some dealers might not have gotten the word. We had one employee of another shop bring his father to us to buy a gun because we beat his employer's price, with employee discount.

We are starting to see more of the higher quality guns being brought in for sale as the owners decide they are willing to give them up for Christmas or gotta-eat cash. A year ago NOBODY seemed to be selling anything but junk. Unfortunately, there are a lot of used guns, particularly shotguns, in our racks. Handguns are a pretty sure bet to sell for a relatively good price. Hit it on the right day and even if you can't sell to the boss man one of the employees might be willing to buy at much closer to your price. Remember, dealers have to make a profit to stay in business and pay THEIR bills.

That said we are seeing a run up in Christmas purchases. Some lucky people are getting some good guns for Christmas.

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