Monday, March 29, 2010

Slowdowns in Bacground Checks Cost Gundealers

From the VCDL...

For those who have tried to buy a gun lately, especially in the afternoon on a weekend, you know that background check turnaround times can be from 4 hours to DAYS. One person emailed me today to say he waited one WEEK!!

That is killing some gun dealers who are losing sales left and right. At a recent gun show, Dark Sun told me they lost 50% of their customers that day because the background checks were taking overnight.

That is NOT acceptable.

So what is the problem?

The Virginia State Police have lost TWELVE people who perform those background checks and they are NOT replacing them.

Where is that $2 fee per background check going? Why, during RECORD firearms sales, is there no money for MORE employees, much less not enough to replace those who have left?

Folks, this doesn't smell right and we plan on investigating.

We cannot afford to have our dealers weakened by artificially sagging sales and purchasers unreasonably inconvenienced. Small businesses are the life-blood of this country and the government should not be interfering with their profitability like this (not to mention the loss of much needed tax revenue due to these lower sales).

Also, it is a safety issue as a person experiencing a death threat and who is denied a lawful gun purchase overnight would be left helpless at the hands of an assailant.

Oh, and the group doing those "lie-ins" best not get up off the ground until at least FOUR HOURS have passed. Three minutes is not even close to the truth.

In the meantime, Virginia gun dealers need to send VCDL a SHORT email documenting their experiences with background checks over the last six months. If you know any firearms dealers, get the word to them ASAP.

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