Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marlin Closing the New Haven Plant

Marlin Firearms closing, 265 laid off, North Haven plant closing in next 18 months
North Haven, Conn. (WTNH) - Employees at Marlin Firearms in North Haven just got word late this afternoon that they will be losing their jobs in the next 18 months.

265 people will be losing their jobs. The layoff will begin in May and the plant will be closed by June 2011. The company tells News Channel 8 that they are moving the work out of state.

Employees we spoke with say they feel blindsided.

"We had a meeting at 3:30pm. They gonna phase us out," said one employee who has worked at Marlin for 19 years.

Founded by John Marlin in New Haven in 1870, Marlin Firearms is now headquartered in Madison, North Carolina. In 2007, Marlin was sold to the Remington Arms Company.

The North Haven plant manufactures a variety of rifles.
Looks like they'll be moving their production south just like FN/Winchester...

It is a fact of life that businesses must make money to exist. You can't make money when the government takes it all. Business of one or many, same thing. I believe the 'health care' bill is going to force several businesses to the edge rather than help. This will affect tax revenues negatively, certainly for CT in this case and so on ad naseum...

Now for what concerns most here. Marlin firearms will likely be problematic from now on. Call me names if you like but there will be a number of plant employees who will take out their anger for the layoff on the customer via the product. Some just won't care and this will be evident in the quality of the product as the lack of care tolerances stack to produce unacceptable product and discourage sales.

BTW, Marlin's bottom line must be up against the wall to make the move.

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