Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reloading Ethics and Self-appointed Police

I'm glad there is somebody out there to take up the slack and tell me what I should know and when I should know it.

Frankly, I'm surprised that there are some who live at least part of their lives emulating people who took risks beyond all imagining, risks to their own lives, to their families' lives, to create a better world for themselves and [b]yet[/b] are unable to allow us to communicate loading information back and forth in an attempt to REDUCE risk for fear that we might damage a [b]reproduction[/b] of a rifle.

I might note that there are many other subjects that history buffs discuss which are possibly more destructive of human life. Do the critics think that discussions of laudanum abuse should be curtailed? How about the various cures for veneral disease? The original formula for CocaCola? How to start a fire with flint and steel? Should these be banned as well? As if we as adults can not reason or accept responsibility for our actions. Perhaps they would care to come check the temperature of my bathwater lest I scald myself...

It seems to me that if we publish the disclaimer
DISCLAIMER RELOADING: We allow members the exchange of reloading ideas, techniques and loads. However, under NO circumstances does the publication of any specific load(s) on the board indicate a recommendation of data published. The caution(s) mentioned in the reloading manuals of starting 10% below any recommended load(s) and working your way up apply in spades! Both experienced and inexperienced reloaders, PLEASE consult the available commercial reloading manuals. It is easy to make mistakes when typing, so view any data published in a post with common sense and suspicion… If it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t! assumes NO responsibility for any loads published.

With our loading information we might help some poor mentally challenged miscreant avoid self-destruction.

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