Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lipsey's .44 Special 7½" Flat Top Ruger Blackhawk

Yesterday I made mention of the Lipsey's .44 Special 7½" Flat Top Ruger Blackhawk. I was a bit confused by a couple of serialization errors that Ruger was reported to have made. Tom R_________ was kind enough to take the time to straighten me out...
The 92 7.5 inch guns, I believe are stamped correctly at 520- . These guns are high polish blue, bisley grips, 7.5“ barrel, flat top, in 44 special.

They were to be stamped Serial # SH25-0** , a run of 100 guns for the Shootists,

I believe the first 90 or so got stamped with the correct Ruger serialization and another batch had to be produced for the Shootists serialization then sent to the engraver to be engraved Shootists 25th anniversary on the left and the Shootists motto on the right.
So what Cubrock got was a Shootist gun sans the Shootist's serial and engraving. That's really pretty neat. I got to coonfinger it and ensure that it got to a friend instead of sitting lost and lonely in my safe. That makes me feel good. Now I have to go to the dentist.

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