Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I haven't been doing much of anything shooting related because we've (Nana and I) have been prepping Mom's place for the Realtor.  We have had to haul a lot of stuff off to charity such as bedding and towels to the SPCA and our vet for small animal bedding and that which the auctioneer wouldn't touch to Valley Mission for their thrift store to raise money (the GOOD clean bedding went upstairs to supply their clients).  We moved some 26 pickup loads of stuff to the dump which includes loads of separated recyclable cardboard, glass and metal.  We have a couple of things to repair before the house sells such as window screens, one toilet (which works but is an awful color and has a cracked tank lid), two sinks (with, again, awful colors AND hard water stains/buildup) and cleaning up the yard.  A friend, Steve H_____, came over and helped remove some pine bark beetle victims from Dad's Christmas tree plantation.  A neighbor FINALLY came over and pulled an old Dodge pickup carcass from the hardwood lot.  One portion of the pasture needs some heavy work as a tree has come down over a fence and the cedars seem to be taking over again.  We feel that a bucolic view will help sell the place but we have several people who are interested. 

It is unfortunate that this doesn't allow much time for shooting things.  I did enjoy hearing the neighbor having a good shoot this afternoon though!

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Zane D. Clark said...

Very hard and difficult work.