Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

There wasn't much happening today. We did have the opportunity of standing outside the front door and watching 3 does feed in a grassy lot across the street, inside the city of Staunton, in the middle of the day.

I arrived this morning to find a 7½" .44 Special FT Bisley with a 520 serial prefix in the gun case. I thought about buying it but... so, I let some "friends" know it was available and one of them bought it. Only 92 got out of the factory and he has one. Cool. I tried to like it. I really did try but I don't.

We also sold the S&W M28-2 and the S&W Model 10 2" round-butt. Two more temptations out of my way.

Other than that it was a slow, slow day.

Virginia has new software and a new "system" for on-line processing of background checks. It is VERY much slower than the old system. The front end is very much NOT user friendly which takes longer. It is repetitive and uses info from the 4473 as well as requiring certification by the person entering the data, twice, in the form of his/her account number AND the necessity of typing in his/her name even though the system recognizes the number... go figger. On top of all that it processes everything more slowly. That is a problem on a busy day. As to delays, no change. Sometimes I wonder if they are sitting on their hands. My advice is that if you get delayed go to the shop the first thing in the morning and go back at lunch to pick up your gun.

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