Saturday, July 03, 2010

Just finished our Independence Day Parade

These were three of the best units...

Woodrow Wilson's Auto

Hessian Hollow Farm's 3-Horse Hitch
Westwood Animal Hospital's John Deer
Of course there were the units for the various patriotic and political groups, the "beauty" queens, but only one marching band (pipe and drum).  The crowds are very much diminished from the days when the Statler Brothers' Happy Birthday USA put 90,000 people in and around the park.  I will actually be able to drive to work in a few minutes.

Of course the really important part of the day is the remembrance and  celebration of our Declaration of Independence

We also take time to remember ancestors who have made the sacrifice of service in defense of this country.

PVTJohn BalchAmerican Revolution
Johan Joost BeckerAmerican Revolution
CPTJonathan BixbyConnecticut ContinentalsAmerican Revolution
CPTOrrin Lawrence BrodieWWI, WWII
Archibald CampbellAmerican Revolution
John Elton DavisUSS PrincetonWWII
PVTErasmus Dortch21st Alabama Infantry RegimentCivil War
CPLDaniel Ford6th Connecticut RegimentAmerican Revolution
PVTCharles Henry FlintH/194th New York InfantryCivil War
Jacob HeensAmerican Revolution
LTNathaniel HerrickFrye's RegimentAmerican Revolution
PVTHiram Kimball10th Hvy Arty/69th InfantryCivil War
1LTBarney Alonzo ParslowD/134th New York InfantryCivil War
SGTDonald Fancher Parslow16th IN 1st IDWWII, Korea
PVT/DrummerHenry Parslow1st and 3rd Regts, COLs Snyder,PawlingAmerican Revolution
PVTHenry Parslow1812
PVTHenry Parslow2nd NY Hvy ArtilleryCivil War
GENFreegift PatchinConnecticut & New York MilitiasAmerican Revolution
CPTGeorge Richtmeyer3rd Co. 15th Regt. Albany Cty MilitiaAmerican Revolution
PVTJacob Schaeffer15th Regt Albany Cty MilitiaAmerican Revolution
MatrossKoert Van SchaickCPT Barnes ArtilleryAmerican Revolution
Adam SwartAmerican Revolution
LTAdam ThayerMassachusetts MilitiaAmerican Revolution
1LTWilliam Hathaway Van Cott102nd Regt US VolunteersCivil War
Jacob Van DykeAmerican Revolution
PVTJohan Joost WarnerAmerican Revolution