Monday, July 26, 2010

Thank you John Wright in St. Louis!

From Edward Young comes this message of thanks to John Wright an FFL in St. Louis, MO.
Sorry for the long post, but wanted to share a story that should have ended badly and thank John Wright for his assistance.

About 6 weeks ago, I agreed to buy a gun that was posted for sale by BigO on the 'For Sale' forum at I sent a Postal money order that he acknowledged receipt of on 7/23. For whatever reasons, he still hadn't sent the gun a month later. Last week I contacted the dealer I had FAXed the FFL to(John Wright 10732 Booth Ave St Louis, MO 63114, 314-426-1846), hoping he knew BigO personally and could contact him to find out what was going on - since BigO wasn't taking my calls or PM's or emails any more. He did not know him, and he was pretty annoyed that BigO had sort-of involved him in this deal by telling me he was his FFL. He asked me to send him my and BigO's information, and he would try to see what he could do about contacting BigO and getting him to bring the gun to him. I didn't expect a happy ending, but emailed him the information - and my appreciation for his offer to help. He called me and told me that BigO had his cell-phone company to block incoming calls to his phone. He said he hated to give up, but there wasn't much to be done, short of showing up at his house - which he said he might do. I had pretty-much given up and had started telling my friends the story of how BigO stole $455 from me, as a warning not to be as trusting as I always was. Unbelievably, John Wright called me this morning and told me that he had my gun in his possession. He had actually gone by BigO's house yesterday after church. He showed him the copy of my email and asked for the gun. Surprisingly, BigO went inside and came back with the gun - even the 4 extra magazines he had said he'd send with the gun. Anyway, the purpose of this post is to publicly thank John Wright for his way-above-and-beyond help and to encourage anyone in the St Louis area who might need an FFL for any reason to contact John. Tell him Edward Young sent you. I fully expect that he will provide excellent service. He is definitely an honorable man who can be trusted and relied upon. Thanks again, John.
I think ANYONE who does this deserves thanks but especially so for somebody to go out of his way after church, with his family, etc...

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