Sunday, May 27, 2012

Family fun...

Your family had a bbq somewhere this weekend so we couldn't include you but we had a good time. I worked yesterday and we got a lot of stuff moved so that the cabinets for the 116th Infantry Regiment Museum can be moved into 566 Lee Highway in Verona. Helped Grant B_______ and his boys unload the old cabinets and glass they moved from the Staunton armory.

Today, we got up and had bow-ties (big fluffy donuts) for breakfast and took your Aunt Deanna to the Stonewall Rifle and Pistol club range for some pistol shooting.  The photo is the collage of photos she took of the pistols (S&W 422, TACSOL conversion on Combat Commander and Bulgarian Pistolet Makarov) we shot.  Your auntie managed to keep all her rounds on the zombie's head and never hit the hostage.  Further, she put most of the rounds through the sinus and ocular orbits.  I think she might like the .22LR metallic silhouette shooting and we'll have to get her out there to try it sometime. Nana bought the zombie targets out at the NRA Annual Meeting in April and has been waiting on Deanna to come home and enjoy them for some time. 

Then we went to Kline's for burgers or barbeque and ice cream  and then it was home.  Deanna had to go home early today to get ready for the next week.  Nana took a nap and I recorded all this for you.  I hope you had a good weekend.  Schools almost out and you'll soon be spending your days lazing about in Oma's pool.  It is hot enough to climb in there today with temps here above 90°.

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