Thursday, May 17, 2012


Well kids, I'm sitting here waiting on Nana to go buy some flowers to plant next to the rebuilt back porch and thinking about things going on and things to do and so forth. It just struck me that you might be like this woman who's running for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. It seems that what she has done is to claim that she's 1/32nd Cherokee in order to get some benefits that accrue to the minorities in this country. But she isn't. In fact the grandfather whose wife (her grandmother who is supposed to be Cherokee but isn't) actually helped round up the Cherokee for forced deportation to the Indian territory on the infamous Trail of Tears. She still hasn't accepted that she's wrong and keeps making excuses for her story (what we southerners call a lie). Then the university at which she taught called her the first woman of color to be a professor there, this after they know the truth. All a fraud, a lie, told to reap the benefits her political associates had set aside for minorities. People are jailed for the simpler, lower level versions of this same crime. I doubt she will be. But this doesn't make what she's done less of a wrong.

As you know, there are 10 commandments we are to follow. "You shall not steal," seems most applicable here. The thing is that whether you just take something that isn't yours or lie to convince somebody to give you something that isn't yours you are doing the same thing, you are stealing. Stealing is a sin. It is wrong.

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