Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interesting revolver find...

Every once in a while one hears of a hunter finding a rifle or shotgun leaning up against a tree.  Presumably, a hunter got his game, got excited and walked off without the gun and couldn't find it once he/she came to their senses.  Sometimes, people find a gun in the trash or in a ditch or down a storm sewer that has been tossed to get rid of evidence.  And every once in a while a person will actually recover a firearm lost overboard in some boating mishap.

This week a fellow brought in a Ruger Single-Six .32 H&R that he found buried in his front lawn...  It "came" with Pachmayr grips and the bluing is in fair condition, no pitting but with wear.  However, this new model gun won't always cock when the cylinder is in place and that's why he brought it in.

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