Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Holster options for Browning 1911-22

I bought a few months ago, now, a Browning 1911-22. This 85% size copy of the 1911 is a pretty cool little pistol, sort of a kit gun version of the 1911. For a holster I've been using the Bianchi foldaway which I picked up at work. It is adequate, I suppose, but not ideal for any use. Yes, Browning sells a nylon holster for this gun. Not so sure that's what I would think of as an improvement. There is also the 1917 style marketed by Browning. That would be neat to have as an accessory but not so sure it is a great field holster. I'm sure Rob or Mike could make up a neat little piece of work for it. What do you think would work best? I always liked those neat little holsters Heiser made for the Colt Woodsman.

BTW, Browning has got spare magazines into the marketplace for these. I've gotten two (the gun ships with only one magazine) and have more incoming.

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