Monday, February 18, 2013

Notes from the gun shop...

I wish I had a lot to report.  Some ammo, 9mm ball, came in and started right back out the door.  I personally had to let a dozen people know we had none before this came in the door.  Dittos on Brown Bear .223.  2 500-round cases left at $300 each.  We are selling the .22 LR match, i.e. competition grade, ammo to people just wanting regular .22 LR.  The shelf is bare.  ALMOST out of .22 WRFM.  Short several types of primers.  Short on powders now.  Had 4 AR-15 type rifles, 2 out the door today, other 2 on layaway.  M1A with camo paint job and scope sold on Gunbroker for $2500.  MORE women buying guns worried that they won't be able to get one later. 

Best part of the day?  Your great-great grandfather's .410 shotgun came back with the stock repaired.  I asked Vic A______ to do it and he did a fine job.  I can't see the crack.  You should be able to enjoy it for another generation and hand it down to YOUR grandchildren.  By the way, it has a 2½-inch chamber, don't do what your great-great grandfather did and shoot 3" shells in it.  That is what caused the crack. 

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