Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Notes from the gun shop...

I'd love to be able to tell you all about the wonderful and interesting things that happened at or passed through the gun shop yesterday but there isn't that much to tell.

A publisher has reportedly been found for the Walt Lesser book on the Ryman Setters. I'm looking forward to it. From Walt...
"We are starting to get material from the publisher to review, edit and return so it’s exciting to finally see something happening! At the moment we are working on promotional stuff for the Schiffer catalog, website and a flyer announcing the book. Books will be sold by the publisher, Lisa Weisse, my coauthor, and me. I suppose they will be distributed elsewhere but I really don’t know right now. "

We had one of the 1971 NRA commemorative Winchester 94 muskets in the shop. No box and the boss man want's somewhere about $750 for it. I liked it yesterday much better than I did in 1971 when I got to handle one and the Model 64A NRA commemorative that was also released.

MANY guns have gone. Of those mentioned last week, only the S&W 16-4 and 37 remain. Glocks and other guns using greater than 10-round magazines continue to go out so fast they don't even make it to the cases from the incoming shipping cartons. I sold a 19 to a woman from Norfolk yesterday. Yes, she drove all the way to Staunton for no purpose than to buy a Glock 19. In other words she spent 6 hours of her time and $55 in gasoline just to be able to buy a pistol.

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