Thursday, January 30, 2003

I received a nifty little knife I had bought from an eBay auction. It is the Frost (of Sweden) Swedish Army Knife. A 4" Mora stainless blade and plastic grip and scabbard. Eminently practical. For $9.95 + shipping I am VERY pleased.

Of course, even though money is now tight as I await the final price including shipping for the .41 Mag 16¼" barrel, I had to get a box each of .41 Mag and .25-35 ammo. I've got a bid in on dies for the .41 on Auction Arms ($20 and fingers crossed) and am looking for a set of .25-35 dies. I have lots of .30-30 brass and so can form my .25-35 cases but the .41s will have to be bought.

For the .41 I'm thinking of loading an LBT design LFN and for the .25-35 I'm thinking in terms of a 85-100 gr. bullet. This will probably be a varmint cartridge for me, although it could do for deer in a pinch. That's why the 100 gr. bullet is in the running.

I worked on getting the scope mounted and ready for the .25-35 barrel. I'll probably get a 2½X Weaver for the .41 but the scope I have is a 4X Simmons "Turkey" scope with one of those diamond reticules. We'll see how it does for coyotes and maybe turkeys (did I say varmints, guess I'll need to take that back).

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