Sunday, January 26, 2003

I went to the Old Dominion Gun Show today. Almost a misnomer, this was about 66% gun show and 33% "other" including military surplus, miscellaneous leather goods, coins, etc. VERY disappointing. Went to find 3 things in particular. TC Contender barrels, Ruger #1 (preferrably 1A or 1S), and Savage 99s. There were 3 Savage 99s, 2 in .300 Savage and one in .358 Winchester. There was one Ruger No. 1-A in .270 Winchester and NOT A SINGLE CONTENDER BARREL!!!!

I did buy a single pound of GOEX FFFG and 100 Winchester .218 Bee cases.

Terry McFarland, the proprietor of Old Dominion Gun Shows, Inc., is apparently having problems getting any dealers to his shows. I doubt that I'll attend another. Trouble is, there are no others to go to within reasonable driving distance.

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