Monday, January 20, 2003

Shooters are so fickle, at least I am, well, not really I just want more, all the time, more guns, new cartridges, etc. "So what started this?" you may ask (or simply page down to look for something more interesting). Somebody on the Accurate Reloading forum asked about rechambering the Savage 99.

Now there is a subject! I had a history teacher at Turner Ashby High School in Dayton, VA who used a Savage 99. I'm not sure of the chambering (.243 Winchester?) but I remember her name Mrs. Shelvie Carr (yeah, I spelled it correctly). There is even a picture of her "on stand" with her rifle. She wasn't the only hunter I knew who used a 99. As a matter of fact, this rifle in .250-3000 was my "dream" rifle for a while. That is until reality set in and I found I could only afford a Marlin M336. Although that was a great rifle, it is one of the few I've ever let go (and, of course, I regret it!).

Most of the talk has been about the .358 Winchester in the 99. Other topics have mentioned the .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .260 Remington, .300 Savage (a pre-military .308 ) and even the .22 Savage Highpower. This has really gotten my juices flowing! However, one of the problems mentioned is getting the rotor correct for the particular cartridge. I'd like to hear about the conversions to .260 Remington. That with a .358 Winchester would be a great 2 rifle battery in the U.S.

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