Monday, June 04, 2007

.45-75 Saga Continued

Without time to do much in the way of pursuing shooting or reloading I've only a few things to report.

First, Grizzly Adams returned my now formed .348 brass plus some bullets and Ranch13 sent me some .43 Spanish brass. I ordered a sizer and top punch for my lubricator/sizer and received the mold for the Lyman 457122 HP. I was about to prime my formed cases for fireforming loads but ran into a snag.

I use a Lee Autoprime for priming and had the correct shellholder. Unfortunately, the base of the .348 Winchester case is too big for the throat of the Autoprime. Not a long standing problem as a quick modification/opening of the throat now allows the big case base ready entry into the Autoprime. Now to try a couple of loads.

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