Friday, June 08, 2007


I'd be posting if I had time to get photos and/or could get to shoot or reload some. I've a number of semi-prepped articles/entries but just can't get them done. What I have been doing is mowing (about 3 acres total 12 miles apart), planting, mulching, ramrodding a bathroom renovation (and you KNOW why this is important), and taking care of some admin stuff for my mom. While I'd like to put shooting first (well, except for the bathroom), it just isn't right.

I have learned that while a bathtub was a fun place when I was 6 years old, it is a tiny torture device in my 50s. I've learned that people actually notice if your yard starts to look as though there's suddenly a jungle there. I've learned that nobody thinks your discomforts are particularly important. I've learned that the dog will never accept women other than your wife unless she's there (that might not be a bad thing).

So, I hope you'll bear with me.

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