Tuesday, June 12, 2007

.45-75 Winchester Update

I've just come back from Mom's place where I tried 24 gr. IMR SR4759 under the Sierra 300 gr. JHC in both previously fired cases and needing fireforming cases with excellent success. Measuring COL 1.91" (average) after fireforming they now have the distinctive .45-75 appearance. Tried one Coyote Nose's way. The case is fireformed (but not the .348" neck part) so that the base part is blown out. Run it through the foruming steps and trimming and you have a .45-75 case fireformed. Done this way the Pyrodex fouling is a pain to clean up. I'm going to try yet another sequence seeking to minimize problems/irritations.

So, I only have to finish fireforming and trim this lot to 1.88" and I'm off to the serious development races. Oh, I do still need to cast up a bunch of the 457122s and lube/size them. If I need another mold to break up the casting cycle I've got the flying trashcan .30 cal to do the honors (thank you Junior).

I need to find suitable boxes for ammo and a good cartridge belt (woven, Mills style) to haul the ammo to and from the truck (I do intend for this to be my truck gun for a while). I've got a lot of cases to convert as I'd like to have about 300 rounds put together.

All that said, it appears that one can load the Sierra 300 gr. bullet to crimp in the cannelure on properly trimmed cases and that the COL will be short enough to run through the action. For those interested in such in these modern steel barrels, that might be good info to have at hand.

Sixgun Shorty reports
MY 'pet' load for the 45-75 smokeless is 28 gr IMR 4198, 300 gr Meister LFP bullet;no fillers....
But i prefer to shoot a full case of Goex FFg, 2 .030 vegetable fiber cards over powder(card under bullet lubed with SPG), Lee compression die, seat and crimp 300 gr 3 lube groove bullet lubed with SPG
I have found best accuracy in my 45-75 to be with real BP.

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