Monday, June 25, 2007

Paco Kelly's New Book

The truly internationally famous Paco Kelly has completed and published a new book. Rifles and Handguns, An American Freedom by Paco Kelly has been reviewed by Jeff Quinn at

The first 100 books were a Collector’s Edition, numbered and signed. It sold for $52.50 including postage in the US. Those are gone, sold out! The standard edition is $46 shipped to anywhere in the US.

To order Paco’s "Rifles and Handguns, an American Freedom", send cash, check, or money order for $46 (in the US) to:

P.O.BOX 1170

I've got my copy and boy am I excited! This is a great book that reads well and tells the true life stories of a one of the greater shooting "gurus" of our time.

FWIW, Paco's first book, An American Heritage-Leverguns has sold for $150+ and is listed for as much as $589! I'd suggest that you get this one while you can and keep your eyes peeled for An American Heritage-Leverguns in all your local used books stores.

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