Monday, August 06, 2007

Arkansas Now Recognizes Virginia CHP

That Arkansas now recognizes Virginia CHP is great news. These states now honor Virginia's Concealed Handgun Permit.

Places Where Carrying Concealed is Prohibited
NOTE: In most, but not all, locations where concealed carry is prohibited, open carry is also prohibited.
Federal Property (concealed carry with CHP and hunting exempted in National Forests) (18USC § 930)

- General Assembly Building & property (open or concealed carry OK for CHP holders only) (JRC Rule)

- State Parks (concealed carry w/CHP legal but open carry prohibited)

- Virginia Commonwealth University (8VAC90-10-50)

- Courthouses (§18.2-283.1)

- Detention Facilities (§15.2-915)

- K-12 school property (unless unloaded in a closed container). CHP holders may possess a loaded concealed handgun while in a vehicle. (§18.2-308.1)

- K-12 school buses. (§18.2-308.1)

- Property used exclusively for K-12 school-sponsored functions (§18.2-308.1)

- Air carrier airport terminal buildings (§18.2-287.01)

- Places of worship while a meeting for religious purposes is being held "without good and sufficient reason" (§18.2-283)

- Restaurants & clubs serving on-premises alcohol (concealed carry prohibited, open carry NOT prohibited; owners & employees exempted) (§18.2-308.J3)

- Private property when prohibited by owner (§18.2-308.O)

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