Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Primers and Ammo

I bought CCI Large Pistol primers the other day at $33.60 a thousand (with discount). Bought CCI Large Rifle primers shortly thereafter at $25 and change a thousand (no discount). Then today I bought Winchester Small Pistol primers at $20.50 a thousand (with the discount. All from the same dealer. Also, a brick of Winchester Super-X .22 LR 40 gr. "solids" was $24. Again with discount. Prices on components and ammo are rising.

I was asked if I was "getting ahead" on primers. Without giving me time to answer Ernie said it would be a good thing. He said that Federal had told him that they didn't expect to put new primers in the pipeline for two years as their entire production was going to ammo and much of that to the US Government contracts. I suggest that if you're a Federal primer user you get what you can while you can.

There are a lot of reasons prices are going up. #1 seems to be metal prices. Chinese demand is a big nfluence in the market for these and other raw materials such as cement. #2 seems to be energy costs. Energy to mine, smelt, and ship both refined metals to the plant and ammo and components to the wholesalers and beyond. #3 is ammo and component producers are experiencing huge demand for and are contracted to produce prodigous quantities of ammunition. Not only is ammo being used by our own forces in the war but the US is contracting for ammo for Iraq and Afghani forces and stockpiling for contingencies.

This last, #3, reason is the reason Jamison International is giving for not producing .45-75 brass. Phooey!

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