Saturday, August 04, 2007

GunsAmerica and Auction Arms Move to Exploit eBay's "Safety" Decision

You might remember that ebay decided to, on the basis of safety, remove most if not all gun parts and ammo components from their allowed list (aka ban these items). Never mind that they are legal, never mind that eBay allows the selling of auto parts to those untrained as mechanics, or pornography (belying the company's underlying anti-gun owner prejudices). So both GunsAmerica and Auction Arms have begun a marketing blitz to exploit the disaffected sellers leaving eBay. So far this has been limited to e-mails to those already registered. However, they have some good selling points. GunsAmerica is going back to their Gold Seller program which will allow members free listings of gun parts and such and Auction Arms will permit the transfer of the User ID (and feedback?) from eBay. I'll be doing my selling elsewhere than eBay now but might maintain an account for the purpose of staying informed about this on-line auction giant. After all, I've been there since they started! Good loyalty to the customer, huh?

I suggested in my previous post that sellers immediately migrate to one of the big three gun sites, Gunbroker, Auction Arms or Guns America and I hold to that. I do believe they want your business and will work for it. I know that in the past I've had very good experiences both with the site management of all three sites and with sellers there.

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