Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'm Was Looking for a Savage 99 Rifle

As some of you might know I'm was sadly lacking a Savage 99 in my accumulation collection of leverguns. Sadly (according to some) I am so reactionary that I can't stand the pistol grips common on the model. I want a straight grip. I'm no Savage 99 purist though, and not looking for a collector model. What I'd prefer is a post 1972 Savage 99A in .250 Savage or .308 Winchester. I know they were made in .243 Win and .375 Win but I'm not really interested in either of those cartridges.

I guess I'd really rather have a .308 Winchester. I have brass, bullets and reloading dies already. I also have a Williams Foolproof for this model. I wanted to get one of these as my first big-game rifle but that wasn't in my budget at the time.

I don't have a big budget, but I've saved some few dollars towards the cause. The gun's condition is a touchy subject for most of us. I want a complete gun, with no serious rust problem, a good bore, and unaltered butt stock. I will know if it is ok when I see it.

If you would, could you keep your eyes and ears open for me? I'd much appreciate it. I've found one and am making the necessary arrangements. I'll post about it later!

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