Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm not ignoring my .45-75

I know I haven't been posting on the subject much. What I've needed is some bullets and I simply haven't had much time to cast. Most of my non-hunting time has been given to doing my Mom's business. Of course I'm always "casting" about for bullets and was put onto a deal for the Lyman 457192. Seems they'll be using the original cherry, too!
Gents, getting back to the bullet ... Learned yesterday, that the Special Run of the 45-75 Lyman 457192 will not be done using the 457122 cherry. Folks at Lyman dug deep and found the 457192 cherry which has the Big GG's that were on the original Ideal 456192's for this Special Run.
Lyman will be using the original Ideal 456192 cherry which was the one that they used for the discontinued Lyman 457192. I have 2 bullets from this mold cast in 1:20 and the bases are 459-460.
To get on the commitment list ... details are in my 1st post of this tread with this link ...

Make sure when you send John Kort the email, you include your name and a valid email address. John will reply back to you with details to contact the Distributor that will be selling the molds. John is maintaining the master spreadsheet of 'who's in' for the Distributor

I was told that Lyman will be making the molds before the end of 2007 which was a surprise.
This is pretty exciting but not moving along as fast as some shooters of more modern guns and cartridges might expect.

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