Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Bible

I don't often post about religious subjects. I am a Christian though and I often get neat things from friends on the subject. This is the neatest. It enables us to share our message of salvation through Jesus Christ with anyone with a computer and internet access. What is it? Try also, E-Sword - the sword of the Lord with an electronic edge...


DiamondD said...

Thanks Hobie,

I signed up for the 90 day bible reading course. It says it breaks down to 12 pages a day which even the busiest of us should be able to do.

Hobie said...

That's a good idea.

When I was deployed I'd take along my bible or use a Gideon bible I'd get from the Chaplain. I'd read as much as possible during down time. Gave me something to do as well as, I hope, add a little to my knowledge.