Thursday, May 14, 2009

NRA-ILA Sweepstakes Prizes

Raffles/sweepstakes are an old means by which organizations can raise money or encourage contributions. The NRA-ILA does this. I was looking at the various prizes and thinking which of those would I buy if I were to buy one (or more) of them... Which would I not sell if I were to win, even though I might not actually spend my own money to buy them...

Which would I buy?
- Ruger SP-101 .357 Mag because this would actually be useful and I might give it to my step-daughter for her HD gun.
- Beretta M92 9mm because this would be an example of what I carried, like my 1991A1, in service, something to show the grandkids. Better get magazines now though!
- Eton FR1000 Voicelink Survival Radio Transmitter because this could be useful. I need a no battery receiver and a transciever is just a bonus. I bet you expected a gun but survival is about more than guns.

Which would I keep (other than the above)?
- S&W M&P pistol .40 S&W because it fits my hand better than any other polymer pistol. I wouldn't keep a Glock.
- Taurus 1911 .45 ACP because it is a .45 ACP and takes standard 1911 magazines.
- S&W Carry Comp Revolver .38 Special just because it would be interesting to see if I could find fault with the damnable lock. If not I'd give it to my step-daughter for a HD gun.

Isn't a lot I'd take from the 30-40 items, is there? I'm sorry, but there isn't the bird hunting we used to have and there are a lot of shotguns. I'm not a modern bolt action rifle guy either. In-line muzzleloaders, blah... and so forth. Still, it is a pretty good cross section of current firearms trends. I wish them luck.

Oh, yes, I donated. I hope you do, too. We've got to fight the socialist/statist assaults on our liberties.

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