Monday, August 31, 2009

Something Different

At this weekend's gun show a particular young woman thoroughly charmed me and managed to get some hard earned gun money right out of me.

She uses her grandfathers old lathe, formerly a treadle now motorized, in her work. What is her work? Jewelery! Not the normal stuff (click on the photo to go to her site)...

I bought a tie tack similar to these cuff links...

From her bio, "Jeni is also an avid shooter and supporter of the NRA. Shooting has been an enjoyable pastime for Jeni and after saving some old brass for a few years Jeni was struck with the idea for her Pistol Petals collection! This idea has led to more gun related jewelry as well."

She does cat and horse themes as well so there's bound to be something for your significant other. If I may, I suggest that you support another shooter.

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