Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lil'Gun Erosion Problems

I like Lil'Gun. I use it in .22 Hornet, .218 Bee, .357 Mag (rifle), .357 Max (rifle), and .41 Mag (rifle). I did try about 12 rounds in the .32 H&R. I have recently heard some talk about, not complain about, forcing cone erosion in revolvers when using Lil'Gun. This is the closest I've seen to documentation of the circumstance.

From Bob Baker of Freedom Arms:
We have seen numerous barrels damaged by using Lil Gun. According to customers, some had as few as 30 rounds using Lil Gun through them, some had several hundred. Before we figured out what was happening one customer had sent his gun in for a new barrel. Then 600 rounds later it came back for another new barrel.

A couple years ago we did a test with a M83, .357 Mag. using Hornady 180 gr. bullets. We loaded 50 rds. of three different loads. One was a heavy H-110 load and the other two both used Lil Gun in different quantities.

We fired the H-110 loads first, then cut off the threaded end of the barrel. Rethreaded the barrel and shot one of the Lil Gun loads then rethreaded the barrel and shot the last Lil Gun load.

We found even the light load of Lil Gun caused the gun to get extremely hot. The heavy Lil Gun load had the gun so hot the only place we could touch the gun was on the grips and they were very hot.

Under magnification the surface appeared to have heated to a point of flowing using the Lil Gun loads and the heavy load was worse than the light load. This is probably due to Lil Gun having about 10% more nitro glycerin in it than H-110.
I would think that Mr. Baker is as good a source as you will find. I still wonder if the same or a similar effect occurs in rifle barrels. I haven't experienced extreme heating but then, I don't shoot very rapidly. I'm familiar with the concept as I've noted it in shooting Pyrodex in the .45-75 Winchester.

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