Monday, August 03, 2009

R. Lee Ermey's new show, "Lock and Load"

I like Gunny R. Lee Ermey. Can't help myself. In "Full Metal Jacket", "Fire Base Gloria", on "Mail Call" or his new show, "Lock and Load" I'm just darn glad he's there. Sure he's a Marine but I like him. I'm not the only one either. His popularity is reflected in his many acting and spokesperson roles.

His latest show is "Lock and Load". I saw the first episode, on artillery, twice and it was enjoyable both times. Production values seem to be excellent, I really enjoyed the slo-mo depiction of the various pieces firing. Gunny is just as good as always. I think he genuinely relishes what he's doing. The military folks working with him clearly do as well.

If you haven't seen it, make the time to do so. Currently playing on the History Channel Friday nights at 2200 hours Romeo or EDST it is worth your time.

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Zane D. Clark said...

I was thinking of R. Lee Ermey just last night! Alas we gave up TV several years ago.