Friday, August 14, 2009

S&W M19-5 2½-inch Round-butt

The Smith and Wesson Model 19 can be described as the Military and Police chambered in .357 Magnum with adjustable sights. It is a neat gun and was the standard police revolver in my youth. I know several retired officers who still have theirs.

Built on what is now known as the K-frame (slightly modified), this .357 Magnum revolver was an answer to police demands for a revolver that was easy to carry for officers while still having additional "punch" over the .38 Special round nose ammo which was the standard for many years. Border Patrolman and ace shooter Bill Jordan lobbied for this revolver and after a year's experimentation by Smith and Wesson was presented with the first Combat Magnum (as it was known before model numbering by Smith and Wesson) on 15 November 1955. I was ALMOST 8 months old at the time so I know this was 54 years ago. Even after over a half-century, this model is among the most well-liked of the Smith and Wesson line. However, the company moved to the heavier L-frame to address concerns with the guns shooting loose or cracking forcing cones in using the more modern heavy 125-gr. bulleted .357 Magnum loads.

I have long wanted one of these revolvers in the 2½-inch version. This is due to how I see the .357 Mag/.38 Special +P loads' purpose. I see it as a concealed carry round. I personally prefer to carry .40-something if I am able to open carry on my belt. In that use the 2½-inch round-butt version suits better just as the fixed sight Models 13 and 65 3-inch have previously served.

This one came to me from a friend raising money for some family member. He gave me a good price and I gave him no hassle/haggle. It came to me with Pachmayr grippers but now has some unknown make/copy of the Secret Agent type grip that I got with the Jovino 25-2. BTW, because of the larger holes in the cylinder, I think these two guns, the M19-5 and the M25-2 feel quite a bit alike despite the N-frame start on the 25-2. It is almost a perfect understudy to the big gun.

I've already had to change the grips again. I put a set of Pachmayr Compacs on it but have the standard RB stocks with a Tyler-T grip adapter headed this way.

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