Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't Talk to Police

Well, in specific instances such as when you are being investigated, just shot somebody in self-defense, etc you need to keep your mouth shut. I might have posted this before but was motivated to do so again because of this blog post and comments on a forum.

I know that most people will be wanting to do the right thing, tell the truth, etc but the fact of the matter is that the police don't believe you and have to do their own investigation. That's the best case scenario. Depending on where you live and who you appear to be to the police you might have to deal with varying degrees of prejudice, incompetence, and/or corruption. If you are particularly paranoid you can see how even if the local system (including the jury) absolves you criminally and/or civilly, the Feds might jump in to prove a point.

I want to add that this is particularly difficult for me to write because I have so many friends who are or have been policemen and/or agents in some enforcement agency. They are my friends because THEY are reasonable and intelligent and able to make reasonable and intelligent decisions. This isn't about them. This is really about their ambitious supervisors and those co-workers who are without a shred of decency or are marginal performers. There are just too many of those people to take chances and it only takes one to ruin your life.

- What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know about Self-Defense Law PDF

Now here's some info from Masaad Ayoob, expert witness on firearms and shooting incident dynamics...

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