Saturday, October 09, 2010

Marlin 1894 and "The Jam" by Adirondack Jack

Ok here goes. Patience, read slowly, then read again. this gets a bit confusing, but ultimately makes sense. I've tuned a peepot of em to the Nth degree, so I got real good at seeing what happens inside there when ya cycle em.

Exhibit #1


The parts arranged on the outside of the gun. Note the position of the carrier, the snail cam on the lever that lifts the carrier, the round in the mag tube, etc. This is ONE OF the two trouble spots in the cycle.

Exhibit two:

Here the lever has been cycled open and is on the way back up, This is yer little "Bob" I was talking about on an earlier post. The carrier has to be exactly timed right to prevent two short rounds entering. Longer rounds are somewhat less critical.

SOMETIMES in the early going you can chase the problem by running longer rounds. But as it gets worse ya get more "close calls" where the carrier bites on the rim of a second round before smashing it back into the tube, causing more peening of the carrier, worse timing, etc until it's a jamomatic.

Exhibit Three:
I know, blurry but bear with me.

As stated, the tongue hanging down in front of the carrier WILL prevent a round going under the carrier, even in the most extreme carrier lift situation because the bolt is in the way of the carrier lifting any more. Why folks make the error is sometimes when a gun is jammed, they take the lever screw out, pull out the lever, the bolt jumps back, the carrier flips up and THEN ya get that jammed round UNDER the carrier. That can ONLY happen during disassembly, never when in operation. A jammed Marlin means bad timing, and'or loose screws, and/or two rounds on top of the carrier (well, one and a part of the next).

While the fixes end up a book, PART OF the fix (I just finished one BTW) is to build up the ramp on the bottom of the carrier.
I filed the ramp on this one down a little, then JB Welded a piece of sawzall blade to the bottom of the carrier. This is NOT a total fix. It is part of a bunch of mods I do to rework the Marlin, but it gave me back the lift lost when the gun was out of time. DO NOT think all ya gotta do is epoxy a shim under the carrier. Best bet is to read and follow the stuff here:

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