Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Smith and Wesson Model 15-2

I was recently very lucky to find and be able to arrange for the acquisition of a Smith and Wesson Model 15-2 made in 1967. It is simply the K-frame, 6-shot .38 Special with adjustable sights and 2 or 4-inch barrel.  It was also known as the Combat Masterpiece. 

These aren't exactly the most sought after of firearms. They don't have the aura of the Colt Python. They aren't chambered for some whiz-bang cartridge.  They are good solid working guns most people can handle and which fill most needs. Chambered for the now mundane .38 Special cartridge, these guns can't generate the excitement that comes with superior ballistic output. This one is special because it is NEW IN BOX. Apparently never fired, in the box with the tools. Yes, I'm thinking about shooting it.

What's the value? That's a question one must answer for many reasons including insurance. I think that such a gun could fetch $500 or more in the right market. I imagine that shooting it will lower the resale value. However, what is the value to me if it just sits in the safe?

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