Monday, October 18, 2010

Notes from the gun shop...

It was almost a slow day with a long period of inactivity and a couple of rushes...

First, I picked up a pristine Smith and Wesson M15-2, new in box, and it is so very unusual to see on it seems. I've been looking for just a good one for at least 4 years now.

Next, a fellow brought in a Colt Pocket Navy conversion such as the one shown here from Collector's Firearms.  He wanted it appraised before donating it to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming. We did not value it as much as the Collector's Firearms sample. It had a number of nicks on the front grip strap, the cylinder roll mark was not as crisp, and I don't think it had quite as much finish. However, it was clean, had been well maintained without removing patina and I believe that you could have used it right then and there with the proper ammunition. It is always a thrill to see and handle such things and this was no exception. I'm going to have to remember the serial number, just so I'm certain I'm seeing the same gun if I see it in the displays in Cody.

The final thrill of the day was a Ross sporting rifle that a local owner brought in in search of a receiver sight part. It was very similar to the one shown below but had a steel buttplate and a target grade receiver sight.  Very neat.  I didn't get to handle this one as I was busy with customers (finally) but I did get to look at for a short bit. 

We processed 5 background checks, 3 of which were delayed.  The delays were about 2 hours today, longer than it has been taking.  

People are starting to get ready for deer season.  They really should order/look for ammo earlier as it is already getting hard to find some specific brands/loads. 

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