Thursday, November 11, 2010


This time of year we would all like to be certain of our firewood supply. If not now (pretty warm this week despite the freezing temps overnight) then later, a hot fire in the stove or fireplace would be a great comfort. However, I imagine you need to burn a lot of wood to justify one of these...

I once heated with wood. I liked that despite the work because, at the time, it was cheap AND I stayed warm. I like being warm. Of course, I split all the wood by hand. Went through many a cord of wood with go-devil and wedge. I'd set aside the really clear (of knots) and straight pieces to split on down to kindling.

I have cut the trees myself, bought logs delivered to the house and bought firewood commercially split. No matter how you get it you will have to do some work. If nothing else, you've got to split some kindling and to stack it. Stacked wood is drier, safer, and neater. There is a lot of inner peace attached to a well stacked rick.

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